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The Northwest Air Conditioning service is second to none. Each and every service includes a thorough check of all the variables that keep your aircon working properly. We place the system under vacuum to totally remove the refrigerant and any residual moisture. When we replace the refrigerant, we replace it with the exact correct weight of gas for your particular make or model. Unlike some companies, we do not cut any corners and always look for the detection of leaks, and we always inspect or replace your car's pollen filter.


Is your air conditioning not as cold as it should be? Is it even blowing cold?

Bring in your car and we can have a look at it. It may be a simple gas leak, in which case we can track down and rectify the leak and give your car a thorough Northwest Air Conditioning aircon service. We will not over charge you or bill you for unnecessary work.

Diagnosis and repair or replacement of Air Conditioning components with guaranteed parts - Prices start at £75 and are charged dependent on vehicle type.

 Anti Bacterial Clean for Air Conditioning Now Available.

Book your car in using the form below or call us on 01942 247 247 for our mobile service.

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